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Cyber Liability

What is Cyber Liability?

Cyber Liability is a specialized insurance policy that addresses liability arising from network and information security, privacy liability, and electronic media. In addition, the policy can be tailored to provide coverage for first party risks which typically includes business interruption, loss of digital assets, cyber extortion, cyber terrorism, and security event costs.

Does your organization:


Record or track player, coach or volunteer information?

Have a website?

Utilize social networking media such as Facebook or Twitter?

Conduct credit card transactions on its website or through a 3rd party vendor?

Do staff members and volunteers have sensitive information on laptops or other portable devices?

Do you post pictures of players on your website?

Why Should Your Organization Consider Purchasing a Cyber Liability Policy?

The standard insurance coverage available to sports organizations such as general liability, D&O, and commercial property typically do not provide coverage for cyber liability related claims. As a result, your organization may suffer significant financial harm should it be left unprotected in the event of a cyber liability claim.

Examples of Potential Cyber Liability Claims


Players’ and volunteers’ personally identifiable information was on a board member’s laptop which was stolen from his car. The files on the laptop contained the players’ and volunteers’ names, social security numbers, date of births, home address and phone numbers.

A third party vendor processing credit card payments for player registrations for you sustains a security breach; as a result, credit card information and personal identifiable information has been released.

A soccer club posts pictures of a minor child from a recent tournament on their website. The parent of the child did not approve of the publication and files suit alleging invasion of privacy.

A player posts a malicious comment about another player on your organization’s Facebook page. The organization fails to promptly remove the comment. The parents sue organization for damages alleging the organization was negligent in monitoring their Facebook page for defamatory posts.

Computer data on a server is lost due to an administrative or operational mistake by your employee or service provider.

Computer data on a server is lost due to an administrative or operational mistake by your employee or service provider.

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