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Amateur Sports Associations and Leagues

K&K Insurance Group offers a wide variety of comprehensive insurance products for amateur sports organizations.  Since K&K Insurance Group specializes in sports related insurance only, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your organization and its members are properly protected.    The types of organizations we insure include:

  • National Governing Bodies
  • National & Regional Sports Associations
  • Local Sports Associations and Leagues
  • Independent Leagues and Teams

Insurance products available for amateur sports organizations are below.  Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation custom tailored insurance quote for your organization.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

The Commercial General Liability policy provides coverage for civil claims, including defense costs, your organization becomes legally obligated to pay to another person or organization.  Coverage includes allegations of bodily injury, personal injury (i.e. libel, slander, false arrest), and property damage. 

An important coverage for sports organizations is legal liability to athletic participants.  This important coverage provides coverage for bodily injury liability claims alleged by an athletic participant.  For example, a player is injured during your organization’s activities and he or she alleges your organization’s negligence caused him or her harm.    General liability insurers require your organization provide accident medical insurance, typically no less than $25,000 per injury, on behalf of your athletic participants in order for legal liability to athletic participants to be provided.

Coverage for sexual abuse and molestation is available by endorsement should your organization desire this important coverage.

Accident Medical Insurance

Accident Medical coverage provides medical expense reimbursement for an athletic participant when an accidental injury occurs while participating in covered activities of your organization.  This coverage is generally written on an excess basis; therefore, coverage is triggered after the exhaustion of all other medical coverage for which a participant may be eligible.  If no other primary medical coverage is available, the policy will drop down and become primary.  Typical limits of accident medical coverage range from $25,000 to $100,000 per injury.

Excess / Umbrella Liability Insurance

Excess / Umbrella Liability provides additional limits of liability should your organization exhaust the primary limits provided on the underlying commercial general liability policy.  We can provide up to $10,000,000 in excess liability limits.

Commercial Property Insurance

Sports organizations need to protect their business personal property (i.e. computers, athletic equipment, furniture) from direct loss due to fire, theft, vandalism and other covered causes of loss.  Coverage can be extended to include off-site storage of your athletic equipment such as balls, jerseys, goals, and blocking equipment permanently kept at your athletic fields or commercial storage building.  Property coverage for a physical building is also available for those organizations that own their own buildings or other structures.

Employee / Volunteer Dishonesty Bond

All sports organizations collect sums of money in the form of registration fees, tournament fees, and fundraising events.  We would all like to think that employees and  volunteers would conduct their organization’s activities with honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  According to a U.S. Department of Commerce study, one-third of all employees and volunteers admitted stealing from their employers in the previous year.  Employee  and volunteer theft of monetary funds and equipment can have a devastating affect on your organization.  Smaller organizations can be especially hard hit by theft and embezzlement as they cannot afford extensive safeguards nor are large enough to absorb such a financial loss. 

A dishonesty bond provides coverage should a covered employee or volunteer  embezzle funds or steal equipment from your organization.  Coverage is low cost and is written at the minimum limits of $10,000 per covered claim.  Protection under this policy can be increased up to $100,000.