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K&K Insurance Group now offers Cyber Liability products for sports organizations.
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Camps and Clinics

K&K Insurance Group offers a wide variety of comprehensive insurance products for camps and clinics.  Whether you operate numerous sessions throughout the year or only one session in the summer, we have an insurance program available to protect you.

Our standard camp / clinic insurance program is below.  Please contact K&K Insurance Group for a no-obligation quote.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

The Commercial General Liability policy provides coverage for civil claims, including defense costs, your organization becomes legally obligated to pay to another person or organization.  Coverage includes allegations of bodily injury, personal injury (i.e. libel, slander, false arrest), and property damage. 

An important coverage for camp and clinic operators is legal liability to athletic participants.  This important coverage provides coverage for bodily injury liability claims alleged by a camp or clinic athletic participant.  For example, a camper is injured during your organization’s camp activities and he or she alleges your organization’s negligence caused him or her harm.    Please note general liability insurers require your organization provide accident medical insurance, typically no less than $25,000 per injury, on behalf of your campers in order for legal liability to athletic participants to be provided.

Coverage for sexual abuse and molestation is available by endorsement should your organization desire this important coverage.

Accident Medical Insurance

Accident Medical coverage provides medical expense reimbursement for an athletic participant when an accidental injury occurs while participating in covered activities of your camp or clinic.  This coverage is generally written on an excess basis; therefore, coverage is triggered after the exhaustion of all other medical coverage for which a participant may be eligible.  If no other primary medical coverage is available, the policy will drop down and become primary.  Typical limits of accident medical coverage range from $25,000 to $100,000 per injury.

Excess / Umbrella Liability Insurance

Excess / Umbrella Liability provides additional limits of liability should your organization exhaust the primary limits provided on the underlying commercial general liability policy.