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Risk Management Resources

Below are printable documents and web links to assist your organization in educating board members, coaches, volunteers, and players about various risk exposures faced by amateur sports organizations.  It is very important that board members and officers communicate safety policies and procedures to all of their members to ensure a safe environment for their players.  Proper risk management policies will aid in preventing and mitigating the severity of potential claims.

Soccer Coaches Safety Checklist 
This printable tri-fold brochure consists of a check list of common risks faced by the youth soccer community.  Goal post safety, field safety, and player safety issues are addressed in a handy brochure.

CPSC Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goals 
Movable soccer goals can fall over and injure players if improperly secured.  The CPSC’s guidelines are a valuable tool to ensure your organization is properly securing and storing movable goals.

Lighting Safety 
Most lighting injuries can be prevented.  The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s lighting safety guide provides lighting safety information for coaches and sport officials.

Hotel Safety Tips for Tournaments 
The printable brochure and tri-fold brochure contain information regarding the preparation of selecting safe hotel accommodations while your organization’s teams are participating in tournaments out of town.

hotel brochure tri fold 

Sexual Abuse and Molestation Policies and Procedures 
Instituting policies and procedures for the prevention of sexual abuse and molestation is essential for all youth sports organizations.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ literature is an excellent tool to assist your organization in putting together a sexual abuse prevention program.

Heat Illness Prevention 
All athletic participants are susceptible to heat illness while participants in athletic activities.  The below resources provide information on the recognition and treatment of heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

nata heat.pdf 



Concussion Prevention 
A concussion is a brain injury that can occur in any sport.  The recognition and proper management of concussions when they first occur can help prevent further injury. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concussion guide provides important information regarding concussions in sports.

Release of Liability Form 
A Release of Liability Form is a contractual agreement where one party agrees to hold harmless and indemnify another party.  It is highly recommended that all sports organization implement procedures to obtain an executed waiver before the individual is permitted to participate in activities.  The form is an example only and you should consult a lawyer for final wording.

Land / Facility Use Agreement 
Lease of premises agreements are a common contractual instrument used by field owners (municipalities, park and recreation dept., etc.) which delineate the responsibilities of the field owner and the user sports organization. A lease of premises contract should be executed between the sports organization and the land / facility owner in order to have a written agreement outlining each organization’s responsibilities.

Incident Report 
In the event of an incident that could result is a claim, it is beneficial to have a written record of the incident to report to Pullen Insurance Services.

Kwik Goal Safety First Program 
In an effort to provide continuing goal safety education to the soccer community at large, Kwik Goal has produced a soccer goal safety booklet and a website dedicated to goal safety.